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GG option

We’re pleased to invite Sophisticated Investors to join the Golden Greece Investor Program where you can access opportunities to invest in ‘Golden Greece Ecosystem’. This option is only available to wholesale clients. Wholesale clients are those who qualify as a Sophisticated Investor.

Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings has interests in the following entities:

- Golden Greece Cannabis Park - licensed marijuana producer that operates of a number of state of the art greenhouses for their owners at different locations across Greece.
- Golden Greece Bio Pharma - licensed producer
- Golden Greece Cannabis - licensed producer
- Golden Greece Distribution - distributor of medical marijuana
- Golden Greece Hemp - commercial hemp grower
- Golden Greece Consulting - medical cannabis business and investment consulting

Through Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings you are investing in ‘Golden Greece Ecosystem’:

• Agriculture technology: Businesses that support the innovation and development of equipment required to cultivate marijuana, such as automated fertilizer systems, greenhouse technologies and improved lighting systems.
• Ancillary products and services: Businesses that offer products that complement the marijuana industry as a whole, which can include products like a marijuana breathalyzer to laboratories that test cannabis products. This also includes companies that provide insurance to cultivators as well as those that create consumer packaging for products.
• Biotechnology: Businesses that focus on the pharmaceutical applications of marijuana by developing treatments to target illnesses and diseases.
• Consulting services: Businesses that respond to the complexity of rules and regulations around marijuana between different jurisdictions. They may provide services to assist with licensing, zoning or advising on operational processes.
• Consumption devices: Businesses that create products that people use to consume marijuana.
• Cultivation and retail: Businesses that grow and sell marijuana, and are often the types of businesses that most people think of when discussing the marijuana industry.
• Cannabis products and extracts: Businesses that sell cannabidiol products, edibles, topicals, drinks and other products.
• Holding companies: Businesses that typically own a considerable number of voting shares in a variety of marijuana companies, allowing them to influence the management and affairs of the companies held.
• Industrial hemp: Businesses that provide products using industrial hemp, which is different than marijuana and may have numerous applications and uses, including creating consumer products like paper and clothing, as well as building materials, fuel and foods.
• Organic farms: Businesses that provide organically-grown marijuana to other companies or sell to consumers directly, relying on the increasing demand for organic products and services to drive the business’s growth.
• And much more

Our Key Investment Criteria & Consistent Investment Process:

The alignment of interests between the company and investors.
Healthy brand equity and direct access to customer and consumer bases.
Projects on dynamic growth.
Accelerated sales or market share growth based on certain competitive advantages.

Competitive advantages and value chain:

Strong interest to collaborate with the best international investors and governmental development institutions.
Strong local management team enhanced by well-experienced Western professional management know how with a successful investment track record and project managing experience in a few fast growing sectors.

Value creation key elements and ensuring high yield:

Strategic business planning and development (strategic, product and territory development plans, corporate alliances creation, organizational development).
Access to the best-in-class practices and technologies for enhancement of operational and financial effectiveness (financing access, sales / marketing, budget planning, analytics, industry specific knowledge, compliance, risk-management, accounting / reporting).
Exit (just in time potential buyers group defined).

Submit your application here or call our investor relations department: +30 2112340269

420XRoads Option

Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings is an administrator of 420XRoads investment platform:

420XRoads - is an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle). The types of investments and their objectives will vary from round to round and will be announced by the company, but a typical one for instance enables investors to purchase one or more greenhouses and become tenants in professionally a managed Cannabis Park. We raise money from smart investors who believe in our business. Join a funding round alongside experienced investors starting with as low as 420€.

Each 420€ invested represents 1 share or 1/1000-th of 420,000€ which represents the cost of acquiring, setting up and connecting a fully equipped state of the art 500m2 marijuana greenhouse. Each share represents its owner's rights in the investment pool. Using that model, a round can be raised privately with experienced investors and or publicly with the crowd. When the 420,000€ are raised, the current round will be closed and the next one will commence. The majority of the funds will then be used to purchase, set up a fully equipped greenhouse and connect it to utilities with the remainder of the funds applied as payment for labor and other expenses as GGCP begins to cultivate medical marijuana until the first crop is harvested, processed and sold. Part of the proceeds of the product sales will be applied to cover the subsequent expenses as GGCP-the operator, realizes the product through affiliated LP’s. The investors will be receiving their share of net wholesale proceeds deposited to their respective accounts in the Capital Pool proportionately to the shares purchased.

The process is quick, easy. Share ownership, transactions, investing through 420XRoads pool are transparent and secure.

There are two options for investor to redeem shares.

Redeem shares and withdraw the principal plus the accumulated capital gains at any time.
Offer shares for sale through GGCP at a current market price.

If a round is not closed the investors get promptly refunded.


Simple co-investment
Friends, family and other early-stage supporters get to invest alongside business angels and other professionals.

Cross-border investing
Trade and invest in the pool without any added cost of intermediaries and bureaucracy.

Tradable investments
Want to cash out early? No problem. You can redeem your investment at any time.

Worried about paperwork? Don't be. We have completely automated the entire process of investing and trading.

Crowd protection
As part of the crowd, you obtain the same investor rights as professional, but without any more responsibility.

Simple cap table
Investments are pooled and enter the cap table as one block. Nice and simple.

Smart investor relations
We make it easy to stay up to date with how your portfolio companies are performing with simple and clear repor

Submit your application here or call our investor relations department: +30 2112340269

Park’N’Go option.

We accept direct investments in a Cannabis Park concept through our Park’N’Go option.

Golden Greece Cannabis Park (GGCP) concept enables investors to purchase one or more greenhouses and become tenants in a professionally managed Cannabis Park. Minimum investment is 420,000€ which represents the cost of acquiring, setting up and connecting a fully equipped state of the art 500m2 marijuana greenhouse.
Cannabis Park greenhouse owners then lease land from Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings, pay utilities, security and other fees while subcontracting GGCP to cultivate, process and sell medicinal cannabis. The Cannabis Park’s tenants income comes from resale of cannabis to end product users by GGCP. The investors will be systematically receiving their share of net wholesale proceeds deposited to their respective accounts.
Ownership in Cannabis Park, is, and most likely will be one of the most popular ways entities, individuals, families can considerably increase their net worth in the lucrative medical cannabis industry in a relatively short period of time through creating, nurturing, and growing assets that, when intelligently run under the right conditions, may create a tremendous surplus of cash to be utilized for the concept expansion or to fund other ventures.


Cheap Power – you are paying lower electricity rate than the country’s average

Purpose Built – our state of the art greenhouses are specifically designed for cannabis cultivation which guarantees lower operating costs for growers

Low Lease – our business owners pay the low lease at wholesale rates

On–site Testing – save $$$ through the power of volume discounts

Labor Savings – eager local labor force ready to go to work. We contract trained personnel during peak production periods

Licensing – by using GGCP’s licensing permits you save time and money

No Water Bills – at GGCP water is included in your bills

Vested Rights – GGCP signed a 60 year land lease and was granted 60 years of vested rights for cannabis cultivation.

24/7 Security – better security at significant cost savings

Submit your application here or call our investor relations department: +30 2112340269


a crowdfunding platform that enables beginners alongside experienced investors to participate in cannabis projects in exchange for tokens starting with as low as 420


Park’N’Go -for the 420.000 euro raised investors receive ownership of a greenhouse in a Cannabis Park and can start producing medical marijuana immediately without having to apply for any of the licenses. GGCP-the Cannabis Park operator, cultivates and distributes the product through affiliated LP's. The investors will be receiving the net wholesale proceeds of the sales after each harvest.


investor acquires equity in Golden Greece Holdings S.A. or one of it's affiliates. Minimum investment is 4.2M

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